Traditional Authentic Hand Made Kimchi

Congratulations! You just found the best kimchi ever.  If you like kimchi, you will love this one.  Traditional Napa cabbage kimchi hand made in small batches in Asheville, NC. Queeney Kimchi is gluten free, and a great source of probiotics. Queeney Kimchi is hand packed with a lot of love. Fresh locally sourced ingredients, attention to detail, and our secret family recipe combine to create a kimchi like no other. 



Holy cow! This is the best kimchi I've ever tasted.  The flavor and texture are amazing!

-John K. from Mooresville, NC

Truly delicious!

-Meherwan Irani  -  Celebrity Chef

That's the best kimchi I've ever had.

-many people

It's now the only kimchi I eat.

-Ann S. from  Asheville, NC

What makes Queeney Kimchi special?

Queeney Kimchi is made with a ton of love.  We use the freshest ingredients available when making our Kimchi.  We pick up the veggies in the morning (local and organic when available).  We then work all day to get a freshly mixed batch into their fermentation pots by that same evening.  We then go back to those pots every day until the fermentation slows and the taste is JUST perfect.  When you dig into a jar of Queeney Kimchi, and that tang and brightness hits that back side of your tongue, you too will understand why Queeney Kimchi is so special. Queeney Kimchi is slightly spicy but not so spicy that you cannot enjoy it entirely on its own or with any meal.    When your gut tells you how happy it is, and when your energy levels kick up a notch, you’ll know why Queeney Kimchi is so special.  Queeney Kimchi is small-batch, hand made, artisanal kimchi made in Asheville, North Carolina by the Queeney family.  It’s made with love, and it shows!